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The Corporate Alchemist Project Pty Ltd


Tommy Galant & Adrian Hanks 


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The Corporate Alchemist Project (The CAP)

Founder & Wellness Executive Officer Biotech Health Services

Tommy is now driven by a desire to have all humans reach their full potential by becoming superhuman them in an individual holistic and organic way. He states “One size does not fit all in all things in life”. His dream starts with up-levelling leaders who will herald in a new paradigm of personalised health, performance and heart led leadership. This new paradigm utilises the latest cutting-edge epigenetics, biointelligence, bioenergetics and devices to upgrade and optimise the health, longevity, performance and well-being of executives, business owners and their teams so they can reach their next level of superhuman innovation. Tommy proclaims that "biomarkers have become the new KPIs”, because they are the foundation for you to be in a flow state. What he calls “homeostatic flow™”.

Tommy is now working ON Corporates using the latest cutting edge Wellness to business. He is a certified Executive Coach (AIEC), Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, certified in Heart Rate Variability - a universal wellness biomarker (HRV Elite), and Heartmath Facilitator. All biomarkers are monitored via the BioHealth Dashboard™.

He connects to clients all over the world. They are CEOs, VPs and Directors in some of the biggest names in Tech with revenues in the 10’s of billions of dollars to the small and nimble technology start-ups and businesses locally in his beloved Gold Coast region, bringing the soul back to business with a team that works on the Physiological, Psychological, and Spiritualogical to create everyone’s individual Superhuman them.

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The Corporate Alchemist Project (The CAP)

Director of The Blue Wren Foundation.

Over the past three decades, Adrian has been focused on holistic health and wellbeing. He has been working as a coach, mentor, facilitator, counsellor, and psychotherapist for 20 of these years.

His work has given him incredible insights into human behaviour and development, and he uses this knowledge skilfully to guide and support people. He loves to specializes in life purpose, meditation, conscious awareness, and communication.

He has built and grown his business by showing and sharing his capacity to ’walk his talk’ and inspire, as well as teach, counsel and coach others, to live a more improved life. Adrian is passionate about leading from the pioneering, leading edge with his ‘work’, and likes to bring that into the open – often taking a risk in doing so. Adrian has taught, lectured, and presented at workplaces, conferences, and event venues around the world.

Describing Adrian is easy: Energetic – Passionate – Wise – Creative. Adrian the ability and gift to be in almost any given group situation and be able to connect and add value to it. Having him as one of the core Corporate Alchemist Project team means the delivery and coverage of the more psychological-meta-physical-spiritual world is in exceptionally good hands!

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